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AC maintenance in Qatar

AC maintenance Qatar:

We all know that the temperature can take a peak in desert areas and Qatar is no exception. Qatar is one of the places where temperature remains high. On cold winter days, the temperature of Qatar can reach 23 degrees Celsius and the temperature can peak at 35 to 45 degrees Celsius in summer. People need to take precautions to take care of themselves be it summer or winter.

So what is it that you will opt for in this type of weather? Do you know the AC depends upon the type of house you have, where is it that you will put the AC, how much space you want to have cool air in?

So, now, I am going to present you with a guide that will not only tell you about different air conditioners but also their AC maintenance Qatar.

Types of ACs and their maintenance:

Generally there are 4 types of AC and each of them are designs differently and serve different functions.

Central AC:

As the name suggests, the central AC has the working where all the air is cooled at a central location and then distributed to all the locations. These types of AC have one central piece which cools the air and then the cooled air is transferred to different locations through fans and ducts. This type of system can get really expensive and first you need to have the ductwork at your house which will help in the transformation of all the cooled air. It is also expensive in the long run but it can last longer than other options like Windows AC.

The Central AC uses an outdoor unit and the duct pipe to deliver the cold air to you. The AC maintenance Qatar is very important for it because it is hot outside and most of the area of Qatar comprises of desert which means that there is a lot of dust in the air which means that sand can get in ducts or outdoor unit which can alter the quality of the air so you need to take care AC maintenance Qatar once or twice every year for longevity of your AC unit.

Window AC:

As discussed before the Central AC has only one outdoor unit which makes whole house cool but the Window AC comes with outdoor unit. These types of AC need space like windows so that half of the AC unit which sucks air from outside stays outside and the part that gives air is inside. All the components are contained within a single box. These types of ACs are good for people who want AC for just one room. These are the mostly used ACs and it is the cheapest option if you want to cool only one room but when you want your whole house to have cool air, these types of AC are not very effective.

All the sand and heat make the running of these ACs hard and more often than not these ACs get faulty and for the prevention of that, these AC maintenance Qatar need to be maintained twice a year at least.

Portable AC:

Portable AC also work on the same principle; as they are portable window ACs but they are easy to move and all they need is a window and a socket to work anywhere but these Ac maintenance Qatar needs to be done a year at least.

Ductless AC:

These are the ACs don’t require ducts. These types of AC come with two units. 1 unit is outside and 1 is inside; with a connection so they both can’t be place much farther than each other. These ACs are better than Windows AC as these don’t require to have a window in the wall to work; but, like windows AC, they work in only one room These ACs are nice if you are looking to have cooling in few rooms but whole house will cost you a lot of money.

These ACs need to have their filters cleaned weekly and AC maintenance Qatar is important once a year.

There are currently some DC inverter ACs out there which are said to be bill efficient but they also need AC maintenance Qatar once a year.


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