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Curtains & blinds service in Qatar

Curtains & blinds service in Qatar
Cleaning the house is a task you usually take pride in, and you may be justified in thinking that. In addition to cleaning the windows, even the best house cleaners often forget to clean the curtains and the blindes .
If you look at curtains and blinds from the outside, you may think that they don’t get dirty and therefore you don’t need to clean them. However, thinking so is a very big mistake. Cleaning your curtains and blinds is just as important as cleaning other parts of your house.
Blinds and curtains can actually attract dust very easily, as well as other small particles like pollen and dust. You may soon find your curtains and blinds looking drab and colorless if dust and stains accumulate on them. Have you thought about having your curtains and blinds cleaned – and who could do it better than us? Having been in the cleaning service industry for years, we have gained a great deal of experience. As experts in curtain and blind cleaning, we have been able to handle all types.
You won’t have to worry about coffee stains or pet odors if you choose Qatar cleaning service. Business and household cleaning services are what our technicians specialize in. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for our fast services as we have been caring for high-end computers for more than ten years. Based on our belief that your needs are of utmost importance, we aim to provide you with the best service possible. Therefore, we are able to generate most of our business through repeat customers and referrals.

State of art

Any fabric like curtains, sheers, or roman blinds can be cleaned deep by our state-of-the-art system! Many people neglect to get their curtains cleaned because they are afraid they will ruin them if they are not properly maintained. Since curtain fabrics are so delicate, they require extreme care, and here we guarantee that your curtains will be handled with care by trained professionals.
Curtains & Blinds Services offer a drapery cleaning service that is sure to refresh your fabrics and impress you. Our professional drapery cleaning results are affordable, no matter what type or length of curtains you have! Look at some of our reviews for proof that we can handle your delicate fabrics!
The following are the steps we take to clean:

  1. Determine what kind of cleaning method should be used by testing the fabric.
  2. Drapes should be pre-vacuumed.
  3. Upholstery machine used to clean drapes.

Your curtains will last longer and feel and look better with our specialized process. We work hard to provide the best affordable cleaning services.
As Professionals, our team uses the latest technology designed specifically for cleaning fine fabrics. Wet and dry cleaning methods are available as required. Inspection and pretesting will determine the most efficient and safest cleaning method.

Professional Cleaning

When cleaning draperies, only dry clean them. Laundry is only possible for a small proportion of materials. We can offer professional advice if in doubt. When choosing a dry cleaner, be discriminating. A cleaning company may use clothing-cleaning equipment, while a firm may have drapery-cleaning equipment.
Using our exclusive system, we can dry clean drapes right in the comfort of your home. The draperies can be cleaned without exposing your home or office. We inject a specially formulated solvent under pressure into your drapes and remove it, leaving them clean. As a result of this process, the material does not suffer damage or shrinkage. In addition, you will pay a reasonable price for quality cleaning.
Curtains & Blinds Services know how difficult it can be to plan the time for cleaning curtains, or maybe the possibility of damaging the fabric leads people to want to avoid washing them. With our curtain cleaning facility, you no longer have to worry about these issues. Whether it is a school, healthcare facility, a corporate boardroom, or a conference room in a hospital, we have a curtain cleaning service for you. If you are looking for a cleaner to leave your curtains in pristine condition, then we are the right cleaners for the job.
By offering our curtain cleaning services, we make your life simpler. On site, we remove the curtains, noting which area and position they originated from. We will always return your curtains to their proper place, much cleaner and fresher, when we clean them meticulously at our office curtain cleaning service. We provide commercial curtain cleaning of the highest quality. In addition to achieving excellent results, we are passionate about achieving the best results for your workplace.
Following are the steps we follow when cleaning curtains:

  • Depending on the type of fabric, curtains are either washed or dry cleaned at the service depot.
  • Curtains are then washed, dried and pleated before being re-hung and dressed to the highest standards.

Professional repairing service

Curtain and Blind repairing is much cheaper than purchasing new curtains or blinds. Schedule a home visit by calling the professionals at Qatar cleaning and repairing service. Our team is highly trained, professional and well experienced. Your window treatments will be repaired promptly at a reasonable price – we won’t pressure you into purchasing new ones. We can visit your home and provide you with a free estimate on repairs.
A repaired blind may often be more cost-effective and appropriate than purchasing a new one.

We are always glad to repair or maintain blinds, regardless of whether we installed them originally. On-site or in our workshop, our expert technicians repair all types of blinds, either manually operated or motorised.

Blind Repairs

We repair all types of Blinds including:

Our reputation for great service, excellent quality, and reliability makes us the company people trust to repair and maintain their blinds.
Some of the most common Blind repair requests we receive are:

  • Re-stringing
  • Re-laddering
  • Tilt control or cord lock replacements
  • Wand replacement
  • Bottom bar fix
  • Re-chaining
  • Replacing side controls for rollers

Curtain repairs

We repair all types of curtains including:

Blinds and curtains of other types with a wider range of problems can be repaired by us as well. If you’d like, we can come to your home to examine the situation and provide the best solution, whether it be a part or repair. The blinds may still be able to be repaired, so there’s no need to worry.

In order to deliver the exact result you desire, we have developed a close relationship with our customers.

By entering your details, you can schedule a repair appointment. Our experts will visit your home or business to advise you on the parts or repair services we can offer.


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